Quality components

Create a unique contemporary look

Individually designed connectors create a distinct and unique look that will breathe life and texture to your home.

The combination of metal and wood using the FUSION® system creates a contemporary look that will set your staircase apart.

All FUSION® components carry the Richard Burbidge dovetail logo.

There are a variety of options available which can be mixed and matched to suit different tastes.


In most cases there is no requirement to make any modifications to components other than cutting the rails and newels to length. The cuts don't even have to be 100% accurate as the cut ends are hidden by the handrail connecting brackets.

All balusters are also pre-cut to suit either a staircase or landing installation.

The system can be installed using existing newel bases. Alternatively, if it is a new build or a complete refurbishment project, simply install newel bases and apply clear varnish to match.

Time Saving

FUSION® offers a real alternative for those requiring a different look while considerably reducing the time required to install and finish.

A typical straight flight of timber balustrading requires over 100 saw cuts, FUSION® requires just 7!

The chrome plated and brushed nickel balusters are ready to use, and unlike timber there is no need to cut, sand down and varnish individual spindles.

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